Monday, May 25, 2009

Nuclear War Preparedness

Snippet from Prepare: Nuclear War Preparedness

" ... First, dispel the notions that the world will immediately come to an end. Google "Creason Kearney's Surviving Nuclear War". This book was written by a researcher at the Oak Ridge Nuclear Facility in Knoxville, TN. Kearney spent years researching the outcome of nuclear conflict during the Cold War and the affects on society. Based upon his research Kearney made several proposals, many of them small protection steps normal Americans could do which he tested, for preparing and surviving a nuclear attack on the United States.

When this report was released in the 1980's, it was promptly attacked and debunked by the media and others with little if any knowledge of nuclear technology or the effects of radiation. Rather, it was tossed out in favor of the nuclear freeze movement of the time. Too bad. The information, while dated, is still relevant.

Don't forget, when it was written, the U.S. was staring down the barrel of the Soviet Union which was targeting thousands of multi-megaton weapons at nearly all of our cities and military installations. The situation today, while dangerous, does not have as grave of outcome as then.

Now, take a visit to KI4U. Read every link on the first page. Believe me, it will open your eyes and leave you in a better prepared state of mind. ... "

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