Friday, January 29, 2010

M.D. Creekmores's free e-book

M.D. Creekmore has offered this e-book free of charge. You can access it it here

MD has a great blog on all thing relating to survival at

Very worth the time to visit once a day as I and many others do.
The book has some stuff this is perfect for those of you new to prepping as well as the more experienced. Basic ideas to get you started on the path. Check it out.

Loco Gato
Be safe,be free

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Has anyone out there read "Starving the Monkeys" - fight back smarter, by Tom Baugh?
I am perusing it at present and have mixed feelings. I am not reading it start to finish, that comes later.
I understand his basic premise, and some of his statigies, but I also take great pause at some of his "suggestions."
So I am just wondering what others think. I know the book is only beginning to make the rounds, but if you have read it, please feel free to give me your feedback.

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